1. A municipality budget item (a charge)
  2. Borders of the Vatnajökull National Park within Skaftárhreppur
  3. Preschool location
  4. One or more principals for the Municipality schools (primary school, preschool and music school), i.e. should there be a principal for each school, as is now, or should there be only two, or even only one?
  5. Master plan: Which one/ones of the four feasible new electrical power plants included in the Municipality?s motion to the Icelandic National Planning Agency should be incorporated in the Plan?
  6. The future of the Skaftárhreppur Municipality. Should it continue as a separate entity or be united with other municipalities (four choices).
  7. Responsibility for the five local meeting-houses from the time before Skaftárhreppur Municipality was established by the fusion of five earlier municipal units IN 1990. The alternatives to be voted on were in all 32, i.e. that the Municipality should have no responsibility for any of them, for all five, for four of them, and then which four, etc., all the way down to only one, which obviously includes five alternatives.